RAMPTECH® Potable Water Fill Coupling (Extended Grip)

Sage Part Number: 383031RT
SKU: SPP00502662
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RAMPTECH® Potable Water Fill Couplings feature a quality-engineered, open end quarter turn lock-and-release design for fast and highly efficient connect and disconnect. These couplings attach to any standard 3/4 inch water-fill nipple, and positive snap lock assures a no-drip and leak proof connection between a ground service vehicle and the aircraft potable water fill system during servicing.

Designed for a wide temperature range, RAMPTECH® Potable Water Fill Couplings are also engineered for durability – featuring rugged yet lightweight anodized aluminum construction. Other top quality features include knurled body for improved handling, a high operating pressure rating with low pressure drop, robust hose bib that accepts a standard 3/4 inch ground servicing hose/clamp connection, and FDA approved o-ring material.


  • Distinctive quick connect/disconnect with positive snap lock
  • Wide temperature range
  • Positive leak-proof sealing on all standard 3/4in potable water-fill service panel nipples
  • Open end, quarter-turn to lock and release
  • Lightweight/rugged anodized aluminum construction
  • Knurled body for improved handling
  • Hose bib to accept standard 3/4in ground servicing hose/clamp connection
  • High operating pressure rating with low pressure drop


Rockwell Collins part number 0031-0119-1