RAMPTECH® 4" Lavatory Drain Wye Coupling (Hose Fitting)

Sage Part Number: 383331RT
SKU: SPP00692882
$749.26 (USD)

Everything you want in a coupling. Including leak-proof design. 

RAMPTECH® Lavatory Wye Drain Couplings are engineered for ease of use and highly reliable performance - without spillage or leakage. Made of impact-resistant and non-porous composite that is 40% lighter than aluminum wye drain couplings, these couplings make it fast and simple to remove the lavatory drain plug or “donut” from the aircraft lavatory drain nipple – allowing waste to drain at full flow into the lavatory service truck while eliminating ramp spills and ensuring rapid waste removal.

RAMPTECH® Lavatory Wye Drain Couplings are designed for a leak-proof connection on all standard 4 inch drain nipples and they also feature a stainless steel cam ring as well as a stainless steel retaining washer, snap ring, and control shaft for extra corrosion resistance and superior durability.


  • Durable, impact-resistant, non-porous composite material
  • Utilizes a stainless steel cam ring, retaining washer, and snap ring for added corrosion resistance and durability
  • Distinctive yellow colored collar for high visibility
  • Positive leak-proof connection on all standard 4 inch drain valves
  • Helps to eliminate ramp spillage and waste contact with servicing personnel
  • Lightweight for easy handling and operation
  • Hose bib connection for all standard 4 inch lavatory service hoses, Part Number: 383331
  • Stainless steel outlet nipple adapter for quick-change operation: Part Number: 383333


Rockwell Collins OEM part number M2651-133-31