RAMPTECH® Cone Caddy And Safety Kit Assembly

Sage Part Number: 257002
SKU: SPP00838848
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Safety first. Accidents last. 

The number one priority of every ground support operation is ramp safety. The RAMPTECH® Cone Caddy Safety Kit is a compilation of some of the most innovative GSE safety equipment parts on the market. These parts are specially engineered to act and react to all situations and conditions on the ramp with optimal safety in mind.

An adjustable barrier with added benefits.

Reflective cones and bars extend to create bigger barriers – perfect to designate areas for aircraft maintenance runs and similar ramp operations. Store LED safety wands and signal wands on the ramp. The complete cone caddy assembly and related parts will ensure that ramp and prep crews are safer and better equipped for aircraft departures, arrivals, and related activities.

All featured safety products and accessories can be ordered individually or as a kit to meet unique operation needs. The RAMPTECH® Cone Caddy Safety Kit is recommended by GSE professionals, ramp, and safety groups, to enhance and optimize your ramp operation to be the safest it can be.



  • Oversized storage pockets for easy accessibility
  • Handheld safety wands and lights are built to last
  • Traffic cone bar with two cone assembly acts as an
    adjustable barrier
  • Cones and signs are made with highly reflective material
    for high visibility and night use
  • Durable, heavyweight cones are weather and UV resistant
  • Sign can be customized to meet specific needs



  • 257002 Safety Cone Caddy: 2
  • RS75040SRED Red Cone with Reflective Strip: 2
  • 256002 RAMPTECH® Cone Caddy Safety Kit: 2
  • 256003 Signal Wand: 2
  • 113001 Traffic Cone "DO NOT ENTER" Sign: 2
  • 252002 Traffic Cone Bar: 1